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Brand Guidelines

This is a guide to the elements that make up Asio. It includes sample executions that demonstrate how to bring our identity to life.



This logo is the guiding post for the Asio brand. It conveys Asio’s distinct steadiness, confidence, and understanding.


The Asio symbol alludes to the origin of our name, the owl, invoking the wisdom and stability we provide for our clients.


The logotype rendered here can be applied on its own or paired with the symbol.

Logo Examples

Clear Space

Maximize clear space around the logo whenever possible. At minimum, there should be an amount of space equivalent to half the width of the Asio symbol on all sides.

Minimum Size

The full logo should appear at a minimum of three quarters of an inch, the symbol at a minimum of one quarter of an inch. There is no maximum reproduction size.

Improper Uses

1) Do not stretch or skew the logo.
2) Do not pull apart the logo.
3) Do not color the logo.
4) Do not rotate the symbol.
5) Do not add drop shadows to the logo.
6) Do not apply a gradient to the logo.
7) Do not outline the logo.
8) Do not adjust letter spacing in the logo or substitute a typeface.


Color has an enduring emotional appeal. Asio’s colors are elegant and timeless. By pairing the colors consistently, you can harness our personality. Asio uses two brand colors: blue and copper. These should be used consistently and paired with plenty of white to maintain the clarity and confidence that are integral to the Asio brand.

Improper Color Usage

Use only Asio’s brand colors; do not combine them with other colors. Asio’s copper is intended to be used as an accent. Use Asio’s blue as the primary color. Do not use large swatches of copper or use blue on a copper background.

RGB: 0/47/108
HEX: #002F6C
CMYK: 100/69/7/30

RGB: 200 /130 /66
HEX: #C88242
CMYK: 2 /50 /76 /13


When appropriate, Asio’s symbol may be used as a motif to brand surfaces in subtle ways. This pattern can be used in one or two colors and can be applied to anything from thank-you cards to ties and socks.



Fonts express as much as words. They convey feeling, establishing a consistent and ownable visual language for Asio. Aktiv Grotesk Light is the headline font. Use it for primary headlines, titles, and broad brand moments. Aktiv Grotesk Bold Uppercase should be used for subheadings, and Aktiv Grotesk Light again for body copy.



Body Copy


Intentional photography in a consistent style enhances the Asio brand. Asio’s primary usage of photography are team portraits. Consistent in look and feel, these photographs demonstrate Asio’s personality and dedication. No other photography should be used across web or collateral, in keeping with Asio’s drive to provide clarity and simplicity.


The Asio Story

Asio is dedicated to serving clients as partners, making the complicated simple so they can focus on what’s most important. The latin prefix for owl, our name is a constant reminder of the wisdom and steadiness we provide for the people we serve.


Our brand in its most distilled form. It communicates the essence of who we are and what we do.

Wealth Management, Simplified.


For use in collateral and web copy. These foundational headlines help integrate our brand’s personality throughout all materials.

In the Moment. For the Future.
Confidence and Clarity for the Unpredictable.
Ambition and Acumen. Aligned.
Your Financial Legacy Begins Here.

Elevator Pitch

Language providing the what, how, and why of our business. It provides a consistent messaging foundation for how we talk about ourselves in person, in print, and online.

We guide you in identifying and achieving your financial and legacy goals by making the complicated simple.

The Asio Difference

Our core values define who we are and help guide our actions. These principles are what makes our firm distinct.

Listening Empathy
We only provide value to our clients if we fully appreciate them as human beings.

Humble Expertise
We are good at what we do, but understand that the wise know they will always be students.

Flexible Perspective
The solutions we provide are as unique as the people we serve.

Hardworking Service
We tirelessly help our clients realize their goals.


Business Cards

Use these templates when making standard 3.5” x 2” business cards.


Use these template when making 8.5” x 11” letterheads.

No. 10 Envelope

Use these template when making no. 10 envelopes.

9” x 12” Envelope

Use these template when making 9” x 12” envelopes.


Use these template when making A6 stationery cards.

A6 Envelope

Use these template when making A6 envelopes to pair with stationery cards.


Use these template when making 5” x 7” notepads.

Thank you.

Any questions or suggestions, please contact:
Tracy Osborne
d: 859.785.4131